Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are the McNabb rumors full of something chunky?

The talking bobble-heads are certain the Raiders are going to trade Nnamdi Asomugha or a draft pick for QB Donovan McNabb. The biggest problem with the Asomugha trade is that the Raiders traded Asomugha to the Jets last month. Wait, they didn’t? Didn’t ESPN say it was going to happen? It didn’t happen right after Tom Cable got fired? hmmm

We all love a good rumor but at some point a little common sense should prevail. Look at the rumors and ask what makes sense.

- The Eagles want to trade McNabb. Makes sense. The Eagles have a young Kevin Kolb they want to get on the field without McNabb’s presence dividing the locker room.

- The Eagles aren’t shopping McNabb. Please. If the Eagles can’t trade McNabb they don’t want him having a Jay Cutler meltdown. So they float the idea teams are asking about McNabb so they can say, “It wasn’t us. We love this guy.”

- The Rams want McNabb. Exhibit A your honor. The Eagles put a price tag on McNabb of the Rams 33 overall pick via the rumor mill. Before anybody could take the bait (like the Cardinals), the Rams denied everything and the Eagles were left looking silly.

- The Raiders want McNabb. Doubtful. The Raiders are looking for youth not a veteran QB, ask Jeff Garcia. McNabb is a career west coast offense QB with diminishing mobility. Unless McNabb’s long-lost distant cousin (per rumor) Hue Jackson is going to a WCO McNabb has the makings of the next DeAngelo Hall. He doesn’t fit.

- Asomugha is part of the deal. Are you kidding? The Eagles via the NFL version of eBay (aka ESPN) said they’d take the Raiders 39 pick for McNabb. Unless the Raiders think they can draft a guy at 39 who is a lock to start and virtual lock to go to the pro bowl, why would they part with Asomugha? If they want McNabb the Raiders 3rd (yes third, not second) rounder makes more sense.

When you look at all the rumors floating around it looks like the Eagles were exposed by the Rams and have decided to float rumors about the franchise least likely to go public with a rebuttal. It is far more likely McNabb will stay in Philly and the Eagles will proclaim they never shopped him or they’ll deal him on draft day to a team that misses out on their targeted QB of the future. Until then McNabb rumors seem to be full of something chunky that smells much worse than soup.

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AKSHUN said...

The Raiders have made a habit out of taking washed up veteran qb's and making them look good at times.. if they dont get McNabb what are they gonna do? Russel is not gonna get any better for them and there isnt much great depth at qb's in the draft this year. McNabb still has about 4-5 good years left in him so why not take a chance